Why Denver Residents are Moving to the Suburbs

Denver’s downtown area has seen a renaissance over the past two decades. There is more to do, more places to live, and the area is safer than ever before, so why are young professionals and families leaving the heart of the Mile-High City for nearby suburbs?

Denver isn’t the only city that’s seeing a recent regression in residents. Cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and New York City are all seeing an exodus into nearby neighborhoods but why are the suburbs suddenly attractive again? Read on to find out the primary reasons people are leaving major cities including Denver and some of the destination neighborhoods Denver residents have their eyes on.

Why Denver Residents are Moving to the Suburbs

Why Residents Are Leaving Denver

Areas like RiNo, LoDo, and the Highlands have brought a new wave of city residents into Denver, but the new popularity has come at a big cost for residents. Both rent and mortgage prices for Denver property have skyrocketed over the last ten years with the most popular city neighborhoods hit hardest. You can shell out $2,000 a month on a mortgage for a cramped two-bedroom in LoDo or you can put that same money toward a three-bedroom house complete with garage and back yard in the suburbs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many of the country’s deficiencies against the spread of disease, and many of those flaws are exacerbated in dense city living. Though COVID is the current threat, there will likely be other health crises in the future that can have a larger impact on city dwellers compared to the more spacious suburbs.

Most of the post-George Floyd protests in Denver have been peaceful but scattered violence is always a possibility if you live in a city during periods of civil unrest. Are many Denver residents in legitimate danger from civil unrest? No. Are you more likely to experience issues with protests, street closures, and civil unrest when you live in the city? You bet. Taking any fight to the streets normally begins downtown.

Denver is a rapidly expanding city which is overall good for the entire state but brings with it growing pains. Homeless encampments, traffic, unaffordable housing, lack of proper bike lanes, and more are some of the many growing pains affecting Denver that could take several years to fix.

Moving to the Suburbs from the City

If you are ready to make the move from LoDo or Five Points, what are the most popular suburb options? The Denver metro area incorporates seven counties and dozens of suburbs, but Aurora, Parker, and Centennial are some of the best options for living in the burbs. As people begin leaving cities, the suburbs are realizing they can woo residents by offering a little taste of the city. Let’s get an overview of three popular Denver suburbs where city dwellers are starting to land.

Options for Denver Residents Moving to Suburbs

Advantages of Suburbs

  • Breathing Room – Elbow-to-elbow public transportation, cramped spaces, strange storage solutions, and other city living nuisances melt away when you get the breathing room of suburbs. You’re unlikely to hear your neighbors arguing, your kids can run around the property without supervision, and there’s room to breathe and move.

  • Less Noise / Pollution – The noise and bustling of the city can feel electric, but it can become old quickly when you’re trying to sleep and there’s a party a block away. When you move to the suburbs, you move away from the polluted air, strange smells, and blaring sirens that are all hallmarks of city living.

  • More Convenient than Ever – One of the earliest deficiencies of suburbs was the required travel. You had to travel into the city for work, visit your doctor, or to go to the hardware store. The modern suburb is a convenient, self-contained town onto itself, with all the amenities, features, and conveniences you can find in a city.

  • More Bang for Buck – It’s not complicated. Would you rather live in 1100 square feet for $400,000 or 2000 square feet for $400,000? Though they’re not a stone’s throw from Coors Field or 16th Street Mall, suburban properties offer you much more bang for your buck.

Moving to Suburbs with the Storck Team

The Denver metro’s The Storck Team has helped hundreds of city dwellers make the transition to the suburbs and wants to help you find your dream home complete with all the trappings of the quiet, suburban lifestyle. If you’re ready to make the move reach out to The Storck Team today for an overview of your options and the next steps for achieving your suburban dreams.


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