The Juniper on Mainstreet - Parker, CO

Revitalizing Parker’s Mainstreet: $107M Juniper Mixed-Use Project in the Works

As you stroll through the bustling streets of Parker, CO, you may notice a new addition taking shape – The Juniper on Mainstreet. This luxury apartment and retail development promises a blend of modern living and vibrant commercial spaces. With a focus on upscale amenities and a prime location, the project aims to elevate the lifestyle experience in Parker. But what sets this development apart from the rest? Stay tuned to discover the unique features that make The Juniper on Mainstreet a standout in the evolving landscape of Parker.

Key Takeaways

  • Joint venture by Rockefeller Group and MGL Partners.
  • Construction completion expected in Q2 2025.
  • High-quality amenities include clubhouse, pool, and fitness centers.
  • Strategic location near Denver Tech Center and Sulphur Gulch Trail.
  • Collaboration with Town of Parker for community integration and growth.

Project Overview

In the heart of downtown Parker, Colorado, the joint venture between Rockefeller Group and MGL Partners has brought to life The Juniper on Mainstreet, a luxurious apartment community with retail space set to redefine the area’s landscape. The project timeline indicates that construction is expected to be completed in Q2 2025, showcasing substantial construction progress. As The Juniper on Mainstreet takes shape, its community impact is already being felt, with the development contributing to the vibrancy and growth of downtown Parker. Anticipate competitive rental rates at The Juniper on Mainstreet, reflecting the high-quality offerings and amenities available. Stay tuned for leasing updates as The Juniper on Mainstreet continues attracting interest and shaping the future of Parker’s residential living. This development promises not only a new living experience but also an opportunity to be part of a thriving community hub.

Amenities and Location Details

Discover the luxurious lifestyle amenities and prime location that make The Juniper on Mainstreet in Parker, CO, a sought-after residential destination. With lifestyle amenities like a clubhouse, fitness centers, pool, spa, and co-working areas, The Juniper caters to the growing population in Parker, which increased by 23% from 2010 to 2020. Situated just a 12-minute drive from the Denver Tech Center, this development features two four-story Class A buildings, offering residents a modern and upscale living experience. Additionally, residents will have easy access to outdoor recreation through the nearby Sulphur Gulch Trail, enhancing their quality of life and providing opportunities for leisure and fitness activities. Combining these high-quality amenities, convenient location, and proximity to key areas like the Denver Tech Center position The Juniper on Mainstreet as an ideal choice for those seeking a sophisticated and well-connected living environment in Parker, CO.

Town of Parker Collaboration

Collaborating with the Town of Parker has been essential to the successful development of The Juniper on Mainstreet project. The town’s collaboration played a significant role in facilitating approvals for the project, ensuring a smooth progression towards construction. As part of this collaboration, the Town of Parker invested in significant infrastructure improvements, enhancing downtown vibrancy and accessibility. Importantly, the project offers direct access to the scenic Sulphur Gulch Trail and the recreational opportunities at Cherry Creek Reservoir, further enriching the lifestyle appeal of the development.

The joint venture’s partnership with the Town of Parker underscores a commitment to community integration and sustainable growth. By working together, the project not only benefits from the town’s support but also contributes to the overall enhancement of Parker’s downtown area. The Juniper on Mainstreet project is poised to become a cornerstone of modern living in Parker, Colorado through strategic collaboration and a shared vision.

Retail Space and Marketing Strategy

The retail space, totaling approximately 13,900 square feet, is an essential component aimed at connecting the project with the Parker community. Trevey Commercial Real Estate is spearheading the marketing efforts to attract tenants through effective retail branding and targeted tenant selection strategies. By focusing on marketing tactics that highlight the unique selling points of the retail space, such as its prime location along Mainstreet, the project aims to meet the strong demand from various retailers seeking Class-A spaces.

Community engagement will play a pivotal role in creating a vibrant retail environment, fostering partnerships with local businesses, and enhancing the overall allure of the development. By leveraging retail partnerships and collaborating with the Parker community, the Juniper on Mainstreet project seeks to create a dynamic retail ecosystem that complements the luxury apartment community, ultimately revitalizing Parker’s Mainstreet and solidifying its status as a premier destination.

Coming Soon

As construction commences on The Juniper on Mainstreet, residents and visitors can anticipate a new standard of luxury living and retail experience in Parker, CO. With excellent amenities, prime location, and a strategic marketing approach, this development is poised to elevate the downtown area’s appeal and importance. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting new addition to the community.

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