Can a Borrower Have 2 VA Loans at One Time?

America’s military makes the ultimate sacrifice to keep us protected. To help return a sliver of that gratitude, veterans and military members qualify for specialized home loans known as Veteran’s Affairs (VA) home loans. It’s called a VA loan but it’s not a loan directly from the VA. VA [...]

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Ways to Avoid Foreclosure

The ongoing global pandemic has created tough financial situations for many American families with job loss, illness, and restructuring of companies across the U.S. When large numbers of jobs are lost, large numbers of foreclosures tend to follow. Currently, there are safety nets like the CARES Act in place [...]

Parker CO Real Estate Trends

Once considered a suburban ranching community, Parker has exploded over the last two decades as more people are drawn to the small-town feel and charm. Parker residents have independent shops and restaurants, incredible schools, a charming downtown, mountain views, and great new homes - it’s not hard to see [...]

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How to Sell Your Property to a Cash Buyer

How to Sell Your Property to a Cash Buyer 2020 saw civil unrest, an economic downturn, and an ongoing global pandemic, but two things were largely unaffected by the issues in 2020 – the stock market and the housing market. Despite economic issues, the real estate market is [...]

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