Homesteading in Retirement

Homesteading in Retirement: Upsizing Your Home To Accommodate Multi-Generational Living And Timeless Memories Are you ready to make the most of your retirement and create timeless memories? Consider homesteading in your golden years! Homesteading can offer financial self-sufficiency, multi-generational living, and a space for visiting friends and family. [...]

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Navigating the Colorado Real Estate Market: Key Terms for Buyers and Sellers

Appraisal Closing Costs CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) Contingency Deed Earnest Money Escrow Homeowners Association (HOA) MLS (Multiple Listing Service) Title Insurance Zoning Conclusion Unlocking the Language of Real Estate: Must-Know Terms for Buyers and Sellers in Colorado Whether you are buying or selling a property, navigating [...]

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From The Rockies To The Sunshine: Moving from Colorado to Florida

Are you considering moving from Colorado to Florida? Are you considering a move to Florida from Colorado? Relocating can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. Plan your move carefully and take the necessary steps to ensure a hassle-free transition. This article provides essential information on how to make [...]

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Can I Sell My House While In Forbearance?

Can I Sell My House While In Forbearance? Selling a home during forbearance can be an intimidating prospect, especially when you're facing financial hardship. But with the right guidance and preparation, navigating this process successfully is possible. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about [...]

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Why Short Sales are Better than Being Foreclosed On

Why Short Sales are Better than Being Foreclosed On   The past couple years has created tough financial situations for thousands of Americans. Whether it be medical bills or job loss, there are many Americans in danger of losing their homes - but what should you do if [...]

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