How to Get More Money For Your Home

When you choose The Storck Team to represent you in the sale of your home, you get our significant financial commitment along with our best-in-class property preparation commitment and marketing commitment. Specifically:

Financial Commitment

On our dime, we conduct a pre-inspection to avoid any surprises that would potentially lower the price of the home.

On our dime, we professionally stage the home.

On our dime, we market your property (details in Marketing Commitment).

Property Preparation Commitment

When the service is needed, we lend the homeowner funds to do necessary repairs and renovations through our HOMenhance program*. Created 8 years ago, we manage our contractors, so we do the bidding, hiring, and scheduling. We also have the home deep cleaned, including carpets and windows. No hassle and no money out-of-pocket before closing.

Marketing Commitment

Agents that don’t put forth any effort or financial commitment and “just stick a sign in the yard” are causing the sellers to leave money on the table. Getting the most eyeballs as possible on your property…and the right eyeballs is key. On every property, we do the following (cell phone photos just don’t cut it):

  • We shoot Professional Photography and create Interactive Floor Plans.  And we include a 3D Immersive Tour and Aerial Photography as well.

  • We write and include meticulously detailed descriptions for every professional image that appears in REcolorado.

  • We employ extensive social media activity.

  • We receive premium positioning on Zillow due to our Premier Agent status. It ensures your home stands out from all the other listings.

  • We promote the listing internally throughout the EXIT Realty offices as well as through our team’s own extensive personal network of buyers, sellers and agent network.

Pricing the Property For Sale

Whether we are in a seller’s or buyer’s market, pricing the property correctly from the beginning is the most important piece of the sales process. As good stewards of your most important asset, it is our commitment to get you the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.  The only way that can happen is by trusting our nearly 40 years of combined experience of buying/selling and investing in real estate full time. Even today, houses that sit are often overpriced or have challenges buyers can’t get past.


It’s not always about the highest priced offer. (Did a Realtor actually just say that?) It’s more about knowing which offer has the greatest potential “to close”.  Having long term and better relationships with other brokers and lenders gives us the keen ability to know which offers are solid.  In cases where a seller’s next purchase is contingent upon the sale of their own property, “closing” is extremely important.

Additionally, knowing when we can push the envelope in a seller’s market only comes with experience. The psychology behind what a buyer will do when they really, really, really want to buy a property will often work to the seller’s advantage.  Feel free to ask us to share examples.

What we Believe

  • The sale of a home is probably the biggest financial transaction of your life. We treat that sale and you accordingly.

  • You shouldn’t trust the sale of your home to just any real estate agent. Your friend may be a nice person, but this is too big a transaction to rely on an inexperienced friend or family member.

  • There are only a small percentage of real estate agents that are truly professional and experienced enough to serve you properly. The rest are just hobbyists, that are playing the role of real estate agent. It’s just a side-gig they are playing fast and free with your biggest sale.

  • Not all home improvements have a good return-on-investment or result in increasing your sales price. Our HOMenhance program can help identify whether the ROI is worth the investment to do the repairs and/or renovations.

  • Everything is negotiable and we are GREAT negotiators.

What to do Next

  • Research prospective agent, a quick Google search will tell you a lot

  • Look up their reviews. (You can find us on Google, Zillow, Facebook, and Nextdoor)

  • Interview 2 to 3 agents

  • Get references

*Find more details and examples of our HOMenhance program under the HOMenhance tab.