Our HOMenhance PROGRAM

The Storck Team created our HOMenhance program 8 years ago to help ensure the homes we list sell for the most money. All decisions are based on years of experience and knowledge as to what buyers want when they move into a home. And the return on investment for the seller.

Even in this “seller’s market” we are putting our sellers through our HOMenhance program to ensure they truly get Top Dollar. We can share multiple examples of bringing an additional 5–15%* more than the majority of the agents that don’t take “any steps” to prepare the home properly in this market or any other type of market.


  • We lend the homeowner funds for repairs and renovations (up to $25,000).

  • We manage our vetted contractors and the projects, which includes doing the bidding, hiring, and scheduling. So, there is never a hassle.

  • There are no hidden charges, interest, or fees. No small type. No “gotchas”. We even share The contractor’s actual invoices.

  • The homeowner agrees to pay The Storck Team back at closing.


The size and scope of projects vary from home to home.  The following are some our more popular items we’ve managed through HOMenhance:

  • New Interior
  • New Exterior
  • Touch-Ups
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets
  • New Kitchen & Bathroom Countertops
  • Install New/Refinish Hardwood
  • Replace and Install Carpet
  • Install Tile
  • Install Hard Surface Flooring (e.g., LVP)
  • Clean-Up Landscape
  • Repair Deck
  • Correct Negative Drainage Issues
  • Repair Sprinklers
  • Professionally Clean Furnace and Fireplace
  • Repair or Replace Furnace, AC or Water Heater
  • Repair or Replace Kitchen Appliances
  • Repair Electrical and Plumbing Issues
  • Switch-out Dated Light Fixtures And Ceiling Fans
  • Professionally Deep Clean House, Carpets and Windows
  • Repair Drywall Work (e.g., big and small holes, trim ceiling leaks)
  • Repair Broken Windows
  • We complete or start over on “well intentioned” projects.



The seller had gotten a quote from an iBuyer company for $450,000 plus their standard fee of 5-7% which meant the seller would net maybe $425,000.


After putting the house through our HOMenhance program. We listed it for $500,000. The house was on the market for just 5 days.  There were 60 showings, 9 offers and it sold for $537,000.  The owner made an additional $50,000 even after paying the HOMenhance costs and agent commissions.

Some of the HOMenhance projects on this property included: a complete Primary Bath remodel, light fixtures throughout the property, replaced baseboards, siding repair, HVAC work and lots of drywall repair.

*Results may vary

Before HOMenhancehomenhance-alabama-bathroom-after

For more examples of our HOMenhance projects, go to the HOMenhance Before/After page on this site.