Preparing to Buy a Home? – Know What You Can Afford!

Considering a move?  Are you thinking of buying a new home?  There is SO much that goes into purchasing a new home whether you are a first time home buyer or purchasing your 5th home.  Purchasing a new home should be the most exciting time in your life, but it is often stressful as well.  A good Realtor or real estate agent will make themselves available to you for advice outside of just your “Purchase Contract” and will be invested in helping you arrive to your ideal situation.

Know What You Can Afford

Figuring out what you qualify for regarding your monthly mortgage payment is a vital first step toward buying your new home, but much more needs to go into this piece of the puzzle beyond the black and white monthly payment number your mortgage lender prescribes.  Often the amount your lender says you can afford and the amount you are truly comfortable paying on a monthly basis can vary.  We encourage you to create a fairly detailed budget of your monthly expenses by subtracting all of your monthly expenses from your take home pay while leaving out any current rent or mortgage payments you may have.

Did You Know?

When applying for your new home loan, there are several common monthly household bills that your lender does not include when considering how much you can afford to pay for your new home.

  • Daycare
  • Health and Car Insurance
  • Gas and Vehicle Maintenance
  • Entertainment
  • Cable and Internet


Tatyana Sturm and The Storck Team have over 10 years experience in AuroraCentennial, and Parker real estate and have helped buyers in many different walks of life with finding their new home from the first time home buyer to seasoned investors all across Colorado.  We have a true passion around finding you the best home for your lifestyle.  Please call or text The Storck Team at (720) 350-5909 or email us at to start your home buying process with a knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate professional.

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