Must Do Home Repairs Before Putting Your House on the Market!

For SaleAs mentioned in the article “9 Vital Home Repairs to Complete Before Negotiating a Sale”, and I have to tell you The Storck Team has been running into some of this with our buyers as well, it’s a very good idea to run through some simple items that may come up on your home inspection.  It will save you, and your buyer alike some headache to know what may come up in your inspection ahead of time.  That way you can think it over before listing your home the items you may want to fix and the ones you may want to leave for prospective buyers.


  1. Windows – check your windows for fog and condensation, this is a sign of a broken seal in your window.  This is huge for prospective buyers, and you can be almost certain that a buyer will ask for it to be repaired after inspection.
  2. Bathtub Leaks – Especially present with jet tubs, check your bathtubs for leaks.  This might be an item that you can credit a buyer for instead of actually fixing, depending on the leak and the type of bathtub.
  3. Exterior Water Damage – check the siding and trim around your home for rotten wood.  Any home that is 8 or more years old will likely have water damage to the trim and siding.
  4. Roofing Items – This is by far the BIGGEST DEAL to your potential buyers.  Damaged or missing shingles on your roof are the fastest way to discourage your prospective buyers.  If your roof needs repair, from replacing a few shingles to a complete replacement of your roof, it’s likely that you can claim the work necessary with your home owner’s insurance and just pay your deductible.
  5. Loose Handrails – Check both inside and outside from your banister to your indoor stairs to your deck.  This is usually an easy fix.
  6. Gutters – check the flow in your gutters.  If they are clogged this will definitely come up, especially in a wet Winter climate like we experience here in Colorado.
  7. Leaky Water Outlets – Check your sinks and showers, nothing should be leaking by the time you put your home on the market for sale.
  8. Light Bulbs – Both inside and out, if a light is out this will be questioned on your inspection.  Something as simple as changing all your light bulbs will show your buyer and their inspector that your home is free of electrical problems.
  9. Heating and Cooling Systems – Replace all air filters in your home at a minimum.  It’s a good idea to have your air conditioner and furnace cleaned and serviced, you can provide this invoice to a prospective buyer as one less thing they need to worry about while at the same time ensuring that your units are in proper working order!

The more you know before you list, the less anxiety you will have around your buyer‘s home inspection.  The peace of mind that knowledge around all potential issues in your home can provide is truly worth the money upfront of things that your buyer will likely ask you to fix anyway.


Aaron Storck and Tatyana Sturm-Storck

Aaron Storck and Tatyana Sturm-Storck

Tatyana Sturm and The Storck Team have 10 years experience in Denver Metro real estate and have helped buyersin many different walks of life with finding their new home from the first time home buyer to seasoned investors all across Colorado.  We have a true passion around finding you the best home for your lifestyle.  Pleasecall or text The Storck Team at (720) 350-5909 or email us at to start yourhome buying process with a knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate professional.



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