How Can I Get a Down Payment for a House?

One of the most stressful pieces in purchasing a home is the down payment, especially when you are a first time home buyer.  Your down payment can come from many different places, and there are many options out there!  The Storck Team can help you get creative in coming up with your down payment funds, with over 10 years of experience helping new and seasoned buyers alike purchase their new home.  Here is a helpful video which goes over different avenues of collecting your down payment money.  We also have lenders we know and trust who specialize in helping you with down payment assistance that we can refer you to.


Tatyana Sturm and The Storck Team have been helping home buyers from first timers to investors around Southeast AuroraCentennial and Parker for the last 10 years in our real estate community.  Our clients and neighborhood are a true passion of ours, and it shows.  If you are considering a move, call The Storck Team at (720) 350-5909 or email us at

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